Rey Guerrero Alumni Association

The Rey Guerrero Association is the Association of Alumni San Francisco de Paula School located in the centre of Seville. Since it began in 1992, the Association has helped to maintain the ties with Alumni, preserving the core values such as effort, hard work and respect, instilled in the School through the years, which has left a lasting impression on each and every one of us.

Through its many activities, the Association aims to facilitate interaction amongst all its members, both associates and friends, creating an interesting network of contacts which contributes professionally and personally to the group and society in general.

The Association´s activities are aimed at members of all ages and are of varying themes: culture, business, sports, charity, art, etc. Some highlights are sports tournaments, talks on innovation, technology, medicine and marketing, excursions and guided tours, among others.

“The School introduces the student to a wider world, in which there are no unambiguous answers to the questions, but many possible answers, and many different points of view, and I think that is also one of its most distinctive features.”

Rosa Santos Alarcón

“What values ​​did I receive from the School? To always be chivalrous, respect, education and know how to thrive in life.”

Francisco Benítez Guillén

“Here I learned that teaching is an act of love, both for the material and for teaching itself, and respect for other students.”

Francisco Márquez Villanueva