Board of directors

D. Federico Argüelles Martín


Judge your success by everything that you had to give up to achieve it

D. José María Cantarero de Artacho


It is better to give a good example is better than just to give an order

Dña. Inés Rivero Belenchón


“You achieve through a lot of work; you love more

D. Francisco Lobo Rodríguez


Words convince, but an example leads

D. José Joaquín Domínguez del Castillo

Delegate 1

Never give up a dream without giving it the opportunity to become a reality

D. Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Muñoz

Delegate 2

I don´t know if it will be better when it’s different, but it has to be different to make it good

Dña. Naiara Oliván

Delegate 3

Being good is easy, whats is hard is being just

Dña. Gloria Bellido

Delegate 4

The world needs people who love what they do

D. Antonio Aragón Lirio

Delegate 5

With work, tenacity and will everything is achieved sooner or later