On Friday, September 30th, we celebrated the first literary gathering of the course. We were accompanied by an exceptional guest, writer Jorge Edwards, who presented his most recent work, the novel ” La Última Hermana” (The Last Sister).

In the setting of the School Library, facilitated by the language and literature teacher, Jose Luis Alvarez, we participated in the genesis of the character Maria, the protagonist, who was inspired by the real story of the author´s aunt Maria Edwards, who saved new-born Jews in a Parisian hospital during the Nazi occupation. Colette, Ernst Jünger, Vicente Huidobro and Admiral Wilhelm Canaris are real characters that feature in the novel.

We enjoyed the agile and elegant words of the writer and diplomat who fascinated us in the story of his friendship with Pablo Neruda, the poet’s collecting vocation; the figurehead Pirate Morgan, and his amatory adventures with the perfidious, malignant Burmese bride, the plot of Edwards’s next novel.

At the end of the talk, we had a nice dinner with the author.