Letter from the President

Dear Associate friends,

The Association of Rey Guerrero Alumni is a community of people that have shared the experience of studying in San Francisco de Paula School in the centre of Seville. We have all had unforgettable experiences and shared the so-called “Franciscan spirit”.

In my case, after spending 9 wonderful years in the San Francisco de Paula School and leaving in 1964, I became a Paediatrician and then also a Professor of Paediatrics.

I´ve been in the Association since just after it began and I have always been very close to it and the School. My four children attended the School too, and today I have 3 grandchildren, soon to be 4, in the early stages of the School.

My family and I have great affection for the School, and so, it is an honour for me to be the President of the Alumni Association and to represent it in the various areas where necessary.

Thus, from the Association we invite you to participate actively in all the activities we organise and to share ideas that may interest us all.

The Association belongs to everyone, it is ours, and as such, it grows and is enriched by all the experiences and contributions we make.

Warm regards,

Federico Argüelles

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